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Nuevas Adquisiciones Mayo 2013

A la Comunidad de la Escuela Nacional de Música

Hacemos de su conocimiento las nuevas adquisiciones de la Biblioteca “Cuicamatini”, correspondiente al mes de mayo del presente año.


Feldman, Evan. Instrumental Music Education: Teaching with the Musical and Practical in Harmony. Incluye CD (MT1 F45)


Badger, Reid. A Life in Rigtime: A Biography of James Reese Europe (ML422 E87 B35)

Sudhalter, Richard M. Stardust Melody: The Life and Music of Hoagy Carmichael (ML410 C327 S83)

Vermazen, Bruce. That moaning saxophone: the Six Brown Brothers and the dawning of a musical craze (ML421 S54 V47)


Jampol, Joshua. Living Opera (ML1700 J36)
Miller, Richard. Securing Baritone, Bass-Baritone & Bass Voices (MT820 M5566)

----------. Solutions for Singers: Tools for Performers and Teacher’s (MT820 M556)

Montgomery, Alan. Opera Coaching: Professional Techniques and Considerations ((MT956 M65)

Salzman, Eric. The New Music Theater: Seeing the Voice, Hearing  the Body (ML1706 S35)

Smith, W. Stephen. The Naked Voice: a Eholistic Approach to Singing (MT820 S65)

Conjuntos corales

Lewin, David. Studies in Music with Text (ML1400 L48)


Green, Douglass M. The Principles and Practice of Modal Counterpoint (MT55 G814 P75)


Barreiro, Javier. Siete cupletistas de Aragón. Incluye CD  (ML400 B37)

Moreta-Lara, Miguel. Más amor y más sufrir: cancionero de cuplés (ML54.6 M67 M37)

Ramos, Olga María. De Madrid… al cuplé: una crónica cantada (ML315.8 M33 R35)

Educación Musical

Mark, Michael L. Music Education in Your Hands: An Introduction for Future Teachers (MT3 U5 M37)


Post, Jennifer C. Ethnomusicology: A Research and Information Guide (C ML128 E8 P57 2001)

Filosofía y estética

Chafe, Eric. The Tragic and the Ecstatic: The Musical Revolution of Wagner’s: Tristan und Isolde (ML410 W14 C43)

Davies, Stephen. Themes in the Philosophy of Music (ML3900 D39)

Lerner, Neil. Sounding off: Theorizing Disability in Music (ML3920 S68)

Historia de la música en Estados Unidos

Dunaway, David K. Singing Out: An Oral History of America’s folk Music Revivals (ML3551 D35)

Historia de la Música en México

Sosa, Octavio. José Antonio Alcaraz: A través de sus textos (MT92 A53 J67)

Instrumentos de aliento metal

Ely, Mark C., Wind Talk for Brass: A Practical Guide to Understanding & Teaching Brass Instruments (C  MT418 E49)

Música del mundo

Miller, Terry E. World Music: A Global Journey. Incluye 3 CD’s (Ml3545 M54 2012)

Obras de Consulta

Hoffman, Frank. Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound. 2 volúmenes (C ML102 S67 E53 2005)

Millington, Barry. The New Grove Guide to Wagner and his Operas (C ML410 W13 W55)

Saffle, Michael. Franz Liszt: A Research and Information Guide (C ML134 L57 S34 2009)

Shrock, Dennis, Choral Repertoire (C ML128 C48 S57)

Winchester, Barbara. Vocal Chamber Music: A Performer’s Guide (C ML128V7 D86 2008)


Traubner, Richard. Operetta: a Theatrical History  (ML1900 T73 2003)


Owen, Barbara. The Organ Music of Johannes Brahms (ML410 B8 O95)


Fisher, Christopher. Teaching Piano in Groups (MT220 F47)

Teoría y análisis musical

Dürr, Alfred. The Cantatas of J. S. Bach (MT115 B2 D9213)

Ellis, Katharine. Interpreting the Musical Past: Early Music in Nineteenth-Century France (ML270.4 E55)

Johnson, Julian. Mahler’s Voices: Expressions and Irony in the songs and Symphonies (ML410 M23 J65)

Lindeman, Stephan D. The Concerto: A research and information guide (C ML128 C84 L55)

Saffle, Michael. Franz Liszt:  A Research and Information Guide (C ML134 L57 S34 2009)

Steinberg, Michael. Choral Masterworks: A Listener’s Guide (MT110 S74)

Stinson, Russell, J. S. Bach’s: Great Eighteen Organ Chorales (ML410 B13 S75)

Swain, Joseph P. Harmonic Rhythm: Analysis and Interpretation (MT50 S83)


Campos, Frank Gabriel. Trumpet Technique (MT440 C35)



Arbelo, Fernando. Big chief de sota: fox-trot song (M1630.2 A73 B54)

Baer, Abel. Hello, Aloha! how are you?: fox-trot song (M1630.2 B34 H45)

---------. You'll never get up to heaven that way: fox-trot song (M1630.2 B34 Y68)

Bishop, Joe. Blue prelude (M1630.2 B57 B58)

Burton, Val. Isn’t this a night for love (M1527.2 B87 I75)

Carle, Frankie. Sunrise serenade (M1630.2 C37 S85)

Columbo, Russ. Prisoner of love (M1630.2 C65 P75)

Conga-land album: a collection of the foremost congas of the day by such outstanding composers (M1681.C8 C65)

Curiel, María Elisa. Desesperanza (M1683.2 C875 D47)

Denniker, Paul. S’posin’: (fox-trot ballad) (M1630.2 D45 S66)

De Rose, Peter. When your hair has Turner to silver: (I will love you just the same) (M1630.2 D47 W44)

Farley, Edward. The music goes round and around (M1630.2 F37 M87)

García de la Garza, Belisario de Jesús. La canción de la escoba (M1683.2 G3735 C35)

Grever, María. Make love with a guitar (M1621 G74 M35)

Hanley, James F. Sing song girl: (little yella Cinderella) (M1630.2 H35 S55)

Herbert, Victor. Indian summer (M1630.2 H47 I53)

Hill, Billy. The last round-up: git along, little dogie, git along. (M1630.2 H55 L37)

Hoffman, Al. Sticks and stones (M1630.2 H64 S75)

Kahn, Gus. What have we got to lose (M1630.2 K34 W43)

Lawrence, Jack. Drifting down the river of dreams (M1630.2 L38 D75)

Little, Jack. Are there any more at home like you? (M1630.2 L57 A74)

----------. Hold me (M1630.2 L57 H65)

Lombardo, Carmen. Sweethearts on parade (M1630.2 L65 S84)

Myrow, Josef. The fable of the rose (M1630.2 M97 F33)

Pérez Castañeda, Daniel. Nochecita: canción bolero (M1683.2 P474 N63)

Revel, Harry. Listen to the German Band (M1630.2 R48 L57)

Robinson, J. Russel. Is I gotta go to school, ma?: novelty song (M1630.2 R63 I75)

Sabre Marroquín, José. Así fue: canción-fox (M1683.2 S33 A75)

Shapiro, Ted. If I had you (M1630.2 S43 I45)

Sullivan, Henry. My temptation (M1630.2 S85 M97)

Wayne, Mabel. Little Spanish dancer: fox trot song (M1630.2 W39 L57)

Williams, Spencer. Basin street blues: song (M1630.2 W55 B37)

Wrubel, Allie. Gypsy fiddles (M1630.2 W78 G96)

Young, Victor. Got the south in my soul (M1630.2 Y58 G67)

Yradier, Sebastian. La paloma = The dove: song (M1780.2 Y73 P35)

Música de cámara

Antúnez, Alfredo. Minerales: libro para cinco timbales (un percusionista) (M146 A57 M55)

Gómez Pinzón, Ulises Manuel. Cuarteto no. 3: Divertimento para flauta y cuerda (M462 G55 No. 3)

Ramírez Franco, Filiberto. Seis Hexafonías: suite para flauta y piano (M242.2 R35 S45 2010)

Schwantner, Joseph. Wild Angels of the Open Hills: Soprano, Flute (alto Flute) and Harp (M1613.3 S349 W55)

Yoshida, Chizuko. Compositions of Chizuko Yoshida (M3 Y67 C65)
Música Orquestal

Bizet, Georges. Carmen: Suite No. 1. 1 partitura + 32 ptes. (M1003

Huizar, Candelario. Pueblerina (kM1045 H85 P84)

Mascagni, Pietro. Intermezzo  Sinfonico asu Cavalleria Rusticana. 1 partitura + 42 ptes. (M1505 M37 C38)


Delgado Parra, Gustavo. Cinco estudios: para piano (MT225 D45 C55)


Moro R., Raymundo. Encores contemporáneos: violín solo (M41 M67 E53)

Stern, Mario. Diferencias: para violín solo (M42.3 S74 D54)

Vázquez Campero, Guillermo. Aires de juventud: violín solo (MT265 V39 A57)

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